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Benefits of Northwest Podiatric Laboratory orthotics for foot pain:

Prescribed by leading healthcare professionals who prefer to treat foot pain with the best orthotics, rather than least expensive orthotics.

Engineered to extremely rigorous standards using proprietary technology for superior function and shoe-fit. We craft orthotics that will fit any shoe.

Hand-built in the United States by professionals with decades of experience who are passionate about treating foot pain.

Focused on results. We challenge you to find more effective orthotics from a more well- respected company.



Orthotics: Your Northwest Podiatric Laboratory orthotics are premium medical devices covered by a generous warranty. We guarantee all orthotics against breakage or defects in materials or workmanship for a period of two years from the original date of manufacture. Top covers, cushions and accommodations are guaranteed for one year. Normal wear and tear is not covered. Your orthotics aren't guaranteed against abuse or significant modifications not made by Northwest Podiatric Laboratory.



Custom foot orthotics are an investment in your health. Did you know you can maintain a like-new level of comfort and function throughout the life of your orthotics? We expertly refurbish nearly any custom foot orthotic (even if we aren’t the original manufacturer), utilizing only the finest materials, processes and technologies.

What Can be Refurbished? Our custom foot orthotics generally consist of two main components: the rigid shell and the softer top cover/cushion. The rigid shell is designed to last for the useful life of your orthotics and is not able to be refurbished. The top cover/cushion material may change over time due to wear and perspiration. This is normal. These materials play an important role in the comfort and function of your orthotics and can be refurbished. (OTC orthotics are unable to be refurbished.)

Warranty on Refurbished Orthotics Upon refurbishment, top covers, cushions and accommodations are guaranteed for one year. Adjustments not made by Northwest Podiatric Laboratory void this guarantee. The orthotic shell is not protected by any additional guarantee/warranty (outside of the two year warranty against breakage from the date of original manufacture, NOT the date of refurbishment).

Refurbish or Replace? Despite our ability to refurbish your orthotics to like new condition, healthcare professionals recommend you visit them on a regular basis to ensure your custom orthotics are fully serving your needs through decreased foot pain and increased function. Feet change with age, weight, activity level, etc. and your custom orthotics may need to change with them.


How it Works 1. Contact the healthcare professional who prescribed your orthotics or find one in your area who currently partners with us. Your healthcare professional will provide you with further instructions on how to proceed. 2. Your orthotics will be shipped from your healthcare professional’s office to Northwest Podiatric Laboratory. Refurbishing orthotics requires five business days or less (at our laboratory). Processing at your healthcare professional’s office and shipping will add additional time. 3. Upon receipt of your orthotics, our skilled craftspeople begin the detailed process of refurbishing your orthotics to like-new condition. 4. When complete, your newly refurbished orthotics will ship to your healthcare professional’s office. 5. Your healthcare professional will bill you directly for the refurbishment. Northwest Podiatric Laboratory has no input or influence on the final cost of the refurbishment. 6. Enjoy the renewed comfort and function of your refurbished orthotics.

Questions? Please contact your healthcare professional’s office with questions – they’ll be happy to assist you. Northwest Podiatric Laboratory is unable to work directly with patients.