In-Office Foot Digitizer

Making custom foot orthotics using data from a foot scanner or similar technology isn't new. Over the years we’ve examined many technologies and none could capture the data we need to craft our premium orthotics. Rather than settle for an existing technology, we chose to design a new system utilizing our decades of hands-on experience and knowledge. Our Vice President, Chris Smith, DPM, led the project and wove decades of orthotic and biomechanics expertise into every aspect of the design. Over three years of outside-the-box thinking and testing later, we're proud to offer our exclusive In-Office Foot Digitizer. 

in office footer scanner

From the beginning, we developed the Digitizer with two goals in mind: 1) above all else, ensure the orthotics crafted using the Digitizer meet our stringent standards and 2) make the Digitizer easy-to-use with simple tools to help users achieve perfect positioning.  We’ve achieved these goals with the In-Office Foot Digitizer.



Northwest quality. 
We've combined 50 years of experience crafting world-class custom orthotics with today's cutting edge technology.  We're proud to put our name on the Digitzer and the uncompromising custom orthotics is produces.

Patented alignment system. 
Our intuitive laser alignment system helps you perfectly position every foot, every time.  We've effectively eliminated the biggest variable impacting orthotic quality: correct positioning.

Save time. Save money. 
Digitize patients in less than five minutes (with no mess!).  Reduce order turnaround time while eliminating the cost of shipping casts or the need to purchase casting supplies.

Simple software. 
Capture images, enter patient information, complete the Rx and submit an orthotic order with just a few clicks.

Built to last. 
We designed the Digitizer for years of use with sturdy construction and no delicate moving parts.

Northwest service.
We provide knowledgeable and responsive technical support, at no charge, for the life of the Digitizer.

15” wide, 33” long and 29” tall. Weight: approximately 60lbs.